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Org-fc is a spaced-repetition system for Emacs' org-mode.

It allows you to mark headlines in a file as "flashcards", turning pieces of knowledge you want to learn into a question-answer test.

These cards are reviewed at regular interval. After each review, a Repetition Spacing Algorithm is used to calculate the next interval based on how well you remembered the contents of the card.

Getting Started

Start by installing org-fc using the package manager of your choice.

A file demonstrating all Card Types is included. M-x org-fc-demo starts a review of this file.

To create your own flashcards, create a heading in an org-mode file and mark it as a flashcard , using either one of the org-fc-type-...-init commands (e.g. org-fc-type-normal-init ) or the org-fc Hydra (e.g. C-c f to open it, t to initialize a new card, n to select the normal card type).

Once you've created a bunch of cards, you can start a Review Session with M-x org-fc-review ( C-c f r in the hydra).

M-x org-fc-dashboard ( C-c f m in the hydra) opens a Dashboard with statistics on the flashcards in the system.

Before reviews and when opening the dashboard, you're asked to select a Review Context . These can be used to group cards to review them separately from each other, e.g. when learning multiple languages.

Note 1: The Hydra is not enabled by default, add (require 'org-fc-hydra) to your configuration to load it.

Note 2: Make sure to check out Use with Evil-Mode if you're using evil-mode.

Note 3: Before starting the review, make sure to add the directory of your org files to org-fc-directories , e.g. via (setq org-fc-directories '("/my-org-files/"))

Design Goals / Choices

  • Differences from Other Flashcard Systems
  • Good Performance
    • awk is used for quickly finding cards due for review, instead of relying on the slow org-element parser
  • Support for multiple positions in a card / heading
  • All relevant data kept in org files for easy version control
  • Review directly on the source org file for easy editing of cards during review


Copyright © Leon Rische and contributors. Distributed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3

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