fc / Marking Headings As Cards

A card is an org-mode headline with a :fc: tag attached to it. Each card can have multiple positions reviewed independently from each other, e.g. one for each hole of a cloze card.

Review data (ease, interval in days, box, due date) is stored in a table in a drawer inside the card.

| position | ease | box | interval | due                    |
|        2 | 2.65 |   6 |   107.13 |    2020-04-07T01:01:00 |
|        1 | 2.65 |   6 |   128.19 |    2020-04-29T06:44:00 |
|        0 | 2.95 |   6 |   131.57 |    2020-04-30T18:03:00 |

The Review History is stored in a TSV file to avoid cluttering the org files.

Each card needs at least two properties, an unique :ID: and a :FC_TYPE: . In addition to that, the date a card was created (i.e. the headline was marked as a flashcard) is stored to allow creating statistics for how many cards were created in the last day / week / month.

:ID:       4ffe66a7-7b5c-4811-bd3e-02b5c0862f55
:FC_TYPE:  normal
:FC_CREATED: 2019-10-11T14:08:32

Card types (should) implement a org-fc-type-...-init command that initializes these properties and sets up the review data drawer

All timestamps created and used by org-flashcards use ISO8601 format with second precision and without a timezone (timezone UTC0).

This prevents flashcard due dates from showing up in the org-agenda and allows filtering for due cards by string-comparing a timestamp with one of the current time.


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