fc / Use with Evil-Mode

The key bindings used by the review modes of org-fc conflict with some of the bindings used by evil mode.

As a workaround, you can add minor mode keymaps for each of the evil-mode states you're using org-fc with.

(evil-define-minor-mode-key '(normal insert emacs) 'org-fc-review-flip-mode
  (kbd "RET") 'org-fc-review-flip
  (kbd "n") 'org-fc-review-flip
  (kbd "s") 'org-fc-review-suspend-card
  (kbd "q") 'org-fc-review-quit)

(evil-define-minor-mode-key '(normal insert emacs) 'org-fc-review-rate-mode
  (kbd "a") 'org-fc-review-rate-again
  (kbd "h") 'org-fc-review-rate-hard
  (kbd "g") 'org-fc-review-rate-good
  (kbd "e") 'org-fc-review-rate-easy
  (kbd "s") 'org-fc-review-suspend-card
  (kbd "q") 'org-fc-review-quit)


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