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Org-fc comes with a number of extensions that are not enabled by default.


Can be enabled with (require 'org-fc-audio) .

Adds audio attachments for cards that are played during review, either before or after a card is set up. (This distinction is relevant for text-input cards).


  • org-fc-audio-set-before
  • org-fc-audio-set-after


Can be enabled with (require 'org-fc-keymap-hint) .

Shows a list of available key bindings during the review, to recreate the look & feel of the previous hydra-based implementation.

  • [RET] flip [q] quit [s] suspend-card
  • [a] rate-again [h] rate-hard [g] rate-good [e] rate-easy [s] suspend-card [q] quit


A hydra for accessing commonly used org-fc commands and for marking headlines as flashcards.

It can be loaded and bound to a hotkey like this:

(require 'org-fc-hydra)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c f") 'org-fc-hydra/body)

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